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Mentoring the next generation

Meet our interns

For more than 30 years we have co-crafted with over a thousand interns profoundly satisfying and purposeful opportunities.

Our interns are outstanding upper class undergrads, graduate students, MA and PHD/MD clinicians in Integrative Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Nutritional Psychology, Herbal Medicine, Public Health, Functional Medicine, Holistic Healing, Somatics and Bodywork.

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Linda Kalnina | Post Graduate Intern

Position: Course Development

Linda is a creative designer, currently working in Rīga, Latvia. Her background is in creative and performing arts with a BA in Music Performance and an MA in Creative Industries. She is now focusing on her commitment to protecting our planet, particularly the Rainforests and those living beings. She is working with us on creative pedagogy in course development.

Giselle Morales | Senior Undergraduate in Urban Studies and Sociology

Position: Social Media Team

Gisselle Morales is a senior undergraduate student at Columbia University in New York. They grew up in Southeastern San Diego, California where they first started doing community work by bringing awareness to the negative impact of gentrification and gender-based violence. They are passionate about using creative media to bring awareness to injustices in marginalized communities. At Columbia University, they have worked as the gender and sexuality chair of the Undocumented Students’ Initiative and as Co-Chair of the Chicanx Caucus. They have also mentored for The WomanHOOD Project in the Bronx. In their spare time, they enjoy watching films and painting.

Anya Dimitrijevic | Sophomore Undergraduate - Biological Chemistry with minor in Latin American Studies

Position: Research Assistant

Anya is a sophomore student aspiring to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Chemistry with a minor in Latin American Studies. She is fascinated by the cultural and biomedical elements found within indigenous medicinal practices and is currently conducting her own research on the exciting topic at her home institution.

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