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Mood Follows Food

The Brainbow BlueprintⓇ for Mental Health

CE Credits for Nutrition Professionals
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What You Will Learn

  • Whether your body is truly carnivore, vegetarian or somewhere in between
  • Foods that can help decrease depression
  • How to stabilize your mood with food
  • To calculate how much water to drink every day
  • Quick and organized food prep for a healthy diet
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Dr. Leslie Korn’s Brainbow BlueprintⓇ

I designed this introductory module for you, about how to choose foods that will lift your mood.

It is a fun, easy entree (ooh pardon that pun) for everyone to enjoy about how all the colors of the “brainbow” provide nutrients and medicines for our brain.

This course is for everyone, of all ages, if you want to improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

You will learn why eggs, chocolate and good quality fats are among the healthiest foods for your mental health.

So join me on an adventure in learning!

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Course features

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

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Desktop and Mobile Access

Your Instructor

Dr. Leslie Korn is a renowned expert in integrative medicine for the treatment of trauma and its physical sequelae including chronic digestive illness, insomnia, pain, substance abuse, diabetes, cognitive decline and “unexplained illnesses”. She has provided over 65,000 hours of clinical care integrating psychotherapy and somatic therapies with nutritional, culinary and herbal medicine. She completed her training at Harvard Medical School and The Harvard School of Public Health. She is licensed and board certified in 4 clinical disciplines. She has been faculty instructor at Harvard in the department of psychiatry and faculty at 2 Naturopathic medical schools. She lived for 25 years in the jungle of Mexico, where she worked alongside indigenous healers and directed a pro bono health center. Her clinical practice focuses on helping clients who are ill with restoring their health and reducing or eliminating medications.

Her mentoring practice focuses on helping clinicians create a successful, integrative medicine, trauma- informed career. Her ethic of compassion and care is informed by feminist values of social justice and her love for dogs.

Licensure: LMHC, MA. Lic #3214, exp. 12/2023; NPI: 1629659636

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Bonus Course!

🚩Purchase this course and receive a 90-minute bonus course, Nutritional & Integrative Tips During COVID-19, with 10+ best self-care strategies for you & your clients.


Course Curriculum


  • Course Syllabus & Study Quiz

Module 1. Introduction to the Brainbow Blueprint

  • Introduction to the Brainbow Blueprint Free Video

Module 2. Food is Medicine

  • Food is Medicine
  • Handouts

Module 3. Implementing the Brainbow Blueprint

  • Implenting the Brainbow Blueprint

Course Evaluation & Quiz

  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Quiz
  • Farewell

Course Information

  • Who benefits from this course?

    This course is designed for all health professionals and nutrition-savvy individuals who work with foods, supplements, and herbal medicines to enhance mental health and cognitive performance.

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  • Course content
    • Module 1 – Introduction to the Brainbow BlueprintⓇ
    • Module 2 – Food is Medicine
    • Module 3 – Implementing the Brainbow BlueprintⓇ
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  • What are the course learning objectives?
    1. Consider whether your body is truly carnivore a vegetarian or somewhere in between
    2. Determine what foods can help decrease depression
    3. Discover how to stabilize your mood with food
    4. Find out how to calculate much water to drink every day
    5. Learn how to do quick and organized food prep for a healthy diet
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