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On August 3, 2021, we received notice that Commonwealth, our CE accreditation provider, lost the ability to award CE credit hours from the American Psychological Association (APA). CE credits are for Psychologists, Nurses, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors/Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and Social Workers.

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Episode #2: Surviving COVID-19

In this episode we explore the adventures of a graphic designer. The road you have to follow to become one, the inevitable “one more change and that’s it” from their clients, the difficulties of Illustrator crashing down before saving the changes and the admirable labor they do to convert regular things into something appealing to the eye.

Michel Medellin is a well-known graphic designer from Puerto Vallarta. She really likes cats and dogs, but mostly cats. And her favorite saying is “be happy”. Besides enjoying travels, she likes drawing plants and going to music festivals. Follow her on instagram and see her portfolio on Behance.

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I began this podcast with the help of my incredible team to continue my goal of providing educational resources to clinicians and healers as well as those new to the journey. In this podcast, I cover a wide range of topics related to Integrative medicine and interview numerous experts in the field so that I can offer a more comprehensive approach to share with you all.

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